We don’t need to tell you about the woes of aimlessly scrolling all the latest furniture sites, wondering if the chairs are comfortable, if the sofa will fit in your living room.  And how about hauling the loveseat all the way around staircases and through doorways only to discover it is way too big.  Then there’s the assembly and cardboard removal phase.  You’d better have a Loraas bin delivered to your house because there’s a TON of it. 

We are firm believers that the way you furnish the home tells your story. Are you an avid art collector or a minimalist? Do you want to display the heirloom hutch or start your own traditions? Our Furnishing Design Service begins with taking stock of your current items, deciding what will work in the new space and what we need to source. Then the fun begins as we source case goods, seating, textiles, accessories and even plants.

We deliver, assemble and style. It’s basically a priceless service. Just another part of our turnkey service that makes custom home design fun. You’re basically on a Fixer Upper episode - but you get to keep all the furniture!

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