That sums up our millwork design – just like we never build the same home twice, we never build the same kitchen, bathroom or any other room for that matter.  Our job is to find out how you function in the space and create innovative storage solutions to solve your current layout problems.  And make it look stunning in the process!


We believe in building right the first time.  We use top quality Blum hardware – full-extension slides with integrated slow close for all your drawers and slow-close hinges for all doors.  5/8” Melamine drawer bottoms, 32mm finished panels to conceal all exposed ends, finished cabinet bottoms with integrated LED pucklighting and of course accessories – recycling centers, spice pull-outs, knife-block inserts, whatever you need to keep your space organized.  If we can’t find it, we build it ourselves!


Do you love a classic white kitchen?  How about an eclectic mix of metal, wood, and concrete?  We love integrating different materials, textures and finishes to achieve that truly unique space.  We care about the details – finding the perfect hardware or the perfect shade of navy to complement your custom herringbone backsplash.  Whatever the task we’re ready to take it on – we can’t wait to complete your space with our Haven designed cabinets.