The Infill Process  

presents its own set of challenges – and rewards – that are unique compared to building in a new neighbourhood. The first and most obvious item is the house that is currently sitting where you want your new home to be!  For this reason, we are ready to walk you through every step of the process, from permitting and demolition, to design and interior selections.

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  1. One might choose to want to raise their family in the same area that they grew up in. If one grew up in Nutana they might want to move back to a more developed and central neighbourhood close to their work.

  2. Some choose to knock down the home that they grew up in or have lived in for years because the home requires significant upgrades or doesn’t meet the needs of their family any longer. Sometimes it’s just easier to start fresh!

  3. Other families have young children and are planning a large family, so they want to be close to an established elementary school and park. They find a beautiful lot that backs on to a school and greenspace, but the existing home does not include the amenities they want and need for their growing family.

  4. And still others appreciate the mature trees, quiet sidewalks and close proximity to amenities on Broadway or 8th Street.

If you aren’t sure if Infill is right for your family, we would happy to sit down with you and evaluate all of your options. If you already have a neighbourhood or a home site in mind, please let us know so we can incorporate that into your build plans.

What's the First Step?

The perfect place to start is an initial meeting to discuss the ideal location and the potential options. If you have not yet found or purchased a lot to build on, this is the best place to start, as this will determine the budget for your new home, the floor plan you create, and a timeline for construction.

We love guiding the lot selection process and would be more than happy to assist in locating property that works best for you. 

Once your lot is selected the design work begins! 

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