Build YOUR Winter Dream

So let’s talk about the benefits of a winter build. I get the usual sentiment….

“Well it’s -40 degrees outside in the Saskatchewan prairie, how could you possibly build a home in these conditions?”

Well believe it or not there are benefits to building in winter.

winter scene.jpg

Born and raised…

Saskatchewan kids are tough. If we can handle feeding cows for seven months of artic temperatures and spending our entire childhood in non-heated rinks surely we can build a house!

First of all, over the winter months construction generally isn’t as busy so permitting is almost always faster in the winter months. By working over winter you can commence on landscaping once the home is completed in early summer.

winter photo.jpg

Secondly SNOW…

…in actuality it is a lot less of a impediment than rain. Because of frozen conditions snow has no impact on lumber. Unlike rain water that soaks into framing materials, snow is easily removed and as long it doesn’t melt has no impact on construction.


Another benefit of building over the winter months is it can be easier to find qualified tradespeople,

which is a significant advantage in the prairie provinces with it’s tight labor market. With better trades you end up with better service which is a great benefit.

If you’ve financed or mortgaged the land you are putting the home onto, you will have less carrying cost’s by starting the work earlier, rather than later.

In the end one of best benefits is

beating the Spring rush

Builders only have so many build slots are starting at a proven slower period makes sure that you are at the front of the line for building.

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