Conquering The Custom Build

Custom home building…even the sound of it makes people shudder. What connotations immediately come to mind?

You’ve heard the stories, the rumors, the warnings…

“My custom home cost way more than I was told”

“It was just so much work”

“I was constantly bombarded with having to make choices and I wasn’t given enough time”

“Building a custom home is an overwhelming ordeal”

That doesn’t sound like fun.

The common belief is custom builds spiral out of control, they take months longer then planned, they’re stressful, nerve wracking experiences that they cost more then they should…

So why does custom building have these connotations?

Because there is a history and track record of frustration in the building industry. The build takes forever to complete, clients not knowing or understanding where the money went, giving up control of the process, not being communicated to in a timely manner.

So what are the desired end results that people choose to custom build?

You want to be relieved and happy with your decision in the end. You want to be able to build a home on budget that suits your family situation and reflects the life style that brings you the most joy. You want your ideas to come to life, to be heard by your builder and for the end result to match or exceed your expectations.

So how do you get there? How do you ensure success? How do you conquer the custom build?


It all starts with a great plan.


You need to hire a builder that can oversee the entire process. From architectural to interior design to project management, the plan needs to be developed by a single firm that can creatively design, lay out a game plan and communicate the costs.


Your builder should be able to show you 3D renderings of the inside and outside of your home. They should be able to present to you the interior and exterior selections and the finite costs associated. Your builder should be creative and passionate! You should know the costs before the contract is signed!


If you don’t want to be a part of another custom build horror story then you need to focus on finding a builder that checks these boxes.