The Fine Line

Lines.  Sometimes they’re straight.  Sometimes they’re winding.  They’re meant to be crossed once in a while, other times they keep us organized (thank you excel spreadsheets!).  Sometimes they are way too long (think Dairy Queen at 10:30pm when you are seriously overdue for your Reese’s Pieces blizzard).

There are many different types.  But today we would like to rave for a while about GEOMETRIC LINES.  Bear with us while we go ‘designer geek’ on you.  At the end of this post we believe you too will develop at least a small love for this design trend that just keeps getting better!

They’re crisp, they’re clean, and perhaps they make us feel smart – like we’re still in math class (isn’t it funny how all that information exits your brain faster than the TVs leaving Best Buy on boxing day?! Our teachers tried so hard to make the Pythagorean Theorem interesting, bless their hearts!)

How should I incorporate geometric details into my space?

We thought you’d never ask!  The options are endless. 

1. Focal Point

One of our favorite fireplace surrounds to date, this Hospital Home Lottery showhome in Greenbryre estates was the guinea pig for a design inspiration that was drawn from a powder room with great wallpaper

The great thing about shapes is that they can morph!  This geometric design was created out of a combination of square and rectangular tiles – who would’ve thought?!  12x12, 6x36, 12x24, 18x36 cut at different lengths and angles…toss in some custom gold schluter (thanks to our powdercoating crew) and you’ve got yourself a stunning room feature to keep your guests entertained when you’ve run out of ‘weather’ to discuss.



Not ready to try your hand at tiling?  You can achieve this look via 'The Lines' wallpaper by Ferm Living.  It's modern art deco inspired pattern is available is various shades.


2. Accent Backsplash

This grey and navy kitchen was clean-lined and fresh.  It needed a special something to finish it off.  This chevron pattern was a labour of love – it was created out of regular 3"x 12.5" subway tiles.  Each tile was individually cut, polished and ground before being set in place to create this presentation of geometric genius!


3. in the loo

Let’s face it.  Bathrooms can be boring.  There’s only so many ways to configure a sink, tub and toilet.  But when you introduce some geometric tiles there ain’t nothing boring about the space!

Okay, we admit – we may have an obsession – note the geometric towel rack, and hexagon moss wall hangings that tie in perfectly to the multi-coloured hexagon shower tile...can't have too much of a good thing right?

Okay, we admit – we may have an obsession – note the geometric towel rack, and hexagon moss wall hangings that tie in perfectly to the multi-coloured hexagon shower tile...can't have too much of a good thing right?

116 108 Greenbryre 2017.JPG

3D Hexagon Tile

This en-suite shower really deserves it’s own post so we’ll keep this brief and just point out another fantastic integration of hexagons….they’re 3D people!!!  And yes, that is a skylight in the shower…like I said – separate post is coming.


4. painted feature wall

133 108 Greenbryre 2017.JPG

A peach palette was just what the doctor ordered for this girl’s room.  This is an easy weekend DIY – just make sure you splurge for the Frog tape – trust me you will not regret spending the extra $3.  Also this is where the pencil crayons come in handy to make sure you like the pattern and colour blocking before you whip out the rollers -  colour twice, paint once!

132 108 Greenbryre 2017.JPG

The colour palette:

Benjamin Moore

Bridal Pink 2013-70

Pink Harmony 2013-60

Springtime Peach 2014-50


5. Light fixtures

178 108 Greenbryre 2017.JPG

Besides the fact that the shapes are awesome, geometric light fixtures usually come in the most epic metal shades – like this copper pendant for example.  You like rose? We’ve got a sconce for that.  Matte brass is your jam?  Look no further – the light fixture gods are here to provide you the perfectly plated light source for your space!


6. accessories

rooted lamp.PNG

Shop Local

One thing's for sure about Saskatoonian's - we love our city!  There are so many talented artisans who call YXE home.  Check out Saskatoon's Farmer's Market, Joyne Marketplace, and SaskMade to find the perfect treasure for your space.

Shout out to rooted.plants who has an amazing assortment of plants (yes, they come in geometric pots!).  She even makes lamps! 

Really friends, the options are endless.  And you don’t need to break the bank to integrate geometry into your home.  Sometimes less is more, like a simple pillow (yes, Homesense here we come), candle (please hit up Indigo… scents, best colours, best shapes!), or plant pot (Wilson’s Greenhouse has an amazing collection, not to mention this helpful thing called the internet – how did we live before online shopping?!).