The Journey

All Under One Roof

The journey of building your dream home can be overwhelming.  By the time you finish listening to all the horror stories of family and friends who embarked on their own adventure, you’re ready to give up on the dream before it even began.  


Your story can be different (just like those “write your own ending” books when you were a kid!).  Why do you think all those other builds went over budget, took way longer than promised, and were filled with stressful rushed decisions?

There wasn’t a detailed plan in place.

It's easy to get overwhelmed. Relax, don't worry. At Haven, we want you to enjoy the experience. We’ve prepared every step for you, all under our own roof. Our unique approach allows you to enjoy the custom home experience without the stress and hours of invested time. It enables you to start your project sooner, and shorten your completion time as well. Overall, the process is easier and more enjoyable. Contact us to learn more about our approach

live your luxury - trust the haven design process


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How We Do It

We’d like to tell you a little story – we’ll call her Judy.  She was ready to build her dream home – she had a plan, and she just needed someone to build it.  Whoa.  So the ‘plan’ she had wasn’t actually what she wanted, rather a standard layout pulled from the pile, not at all customized to fit her family’s lifestyle, entertaining habits or surroundings.

Judy felt like she needed to take this standard plan and figure out how to modify it, but minor detail - she didn’t go to school for this!  Not to mention Judy was already completely overwhelmed at the thought of having to find the perfect flooring, ensure it matched the countertops, and how on earth was she going to know if she chose the right light fixtures?  There’s only 35 catalogues at the lighting showroom, not intimidating at all right?!

And if she managed to make it through the ominous selection process, how would she ensure she was getting fair pricing for the plethora of materials required to properly finish a new home?  That brings us to the next issue – securing professional qualified tradespeople – and how was she going to organize them?  That would naturally be her husband’s job, we’ll call him John.  Let’s just say John was already defeated before this process even started – he was managing just fine in the current home.

Right.  Sound familiar?

So you’ve heard all the problems – where is this story going?

Well thankfully one day John and Judy stumbled in the doors of Haven’s downtown showroom with their standard layout and big dreams and were pleasantly surprised when we explained to them how things work with a Haven build.

If you want to know how you can actually build your dream home and enjoy the process, read on!

Step 1 Get To Know Each Other

Let’s face it, if we’re going to build your dream home we’re going to be spending a decent amount of time together.  You want a beautiful, functional home.  We want to build you one.  Once you’ve decided to take the plunge on this journey we’re right there beside you jumping in with both feet.  Once we have established important details such as budget, lot selection and timeframe we kick-off the journey with an interactive Design Meeting where we conduct a detailed interview to learn your architectural preferences, lifestyle and design style.

Step 2 Design

We take all the information gleaned from the Design Meeting and get busy working out the floorplan.  Here’s where the Haven advantage starts kicking in.  All our design work is completed in a collaborative effort between our in-house Architectural Technologist and Interior Design Team.  Our qualified design team thrives when we put our heads together creating a finished product that encompasses your entire wish list and fits within the budget you’ve provided.

Step 3 Design Presentation

Drumroll please…..this is the fun step – the unveiling of the custom dream home you asked for!  The thorough presentation begins with a detailed 3D virtual tour walkthrough of your proposed design.  Moodboards are carefully assembled along with a full scale sample board of the textures, materials, and finishes we have spec’d for your home.  This is the real deal – you can picture hosting your first Thanksgiving and setting up your first Christmas tree in your new home.  The best part – all of this has been tailored to fit the budget you provided us.

Step 4 Design Approval

We realize Step 3 is a lot to take in – now is your time to review, ponder, double check your Pinterest boards and ensure you are 100% satisfied (and really stoked) with the proposed design.  Any changes you wish to make are completed and final questions are resolved.

Step 5 Contract Approval

It’s time to make this official.  We present, review, and sign a fixed price contract for your home based on the materials, finishes and details integrated during design.  You are given a guaranteed possession date so you can effectively plan the next months.  We provide a detailed Design Package containing your final blueprints, exterior and interior renderings and virtual tour video so you can continue to dream of your new space while we start construction.

Step 6 Construction

Let the digging begin!  We obtain the necessary permits for construction, get the old house demo’d (if applicable) and begin building your castle.  At this point you are introduced to our Project Management team who execute all the detail planned in the design phase.  They will have regular scheduled site meetings with you to show you the build progress and answer any questions you may have.  You will be able to monitor build progress by accessing your project 24/7 via Buildertrend, our Online Project Management Software.  View your build calendar, cabinet drawings, selection spreadsheets, plus current site photos and videos uploaded by your Project Manager.  

Step 7 Move in & CELEBRATE!

Congratulations!  Its official – you made it through this journey – and you actually had fun!  Your Project Manager conducts a final walkthrough of your home, introduces you to our Customer Care Manager who will assist you with any questions you may have about your new home.  And just a little way for us to say thank you – we host a housewarming party and you choose the guest list – it’s time to celebrate your dream home – completed on-time and on-budget!

Step 8 One Year Follow-Up

You can’t get rid of us that easy!  Our Customer Care Manager will return to your home one year after your take possession and conduct a walk through with you to review any concerns you may have and formulate a plan to resolve any issues that have arisen.